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Words & Music by JJ Cale

Oh Maria please call me
And tell me you want me tonight
Keep one candle burning
In your bedroom for light
Then I’ll make love to you
Maria this very night

We’ll dance and we’ll sing
’Til the dark night is gone
We’ll make love together
We’ll be as one
I keep dreaming this dream
Maria let me love you ’til dawn

I can taste you and feel you
But it’s all in my mind
I need more than that
Can you send me a sign
The night is so lonely
Maria call me sometime

I’ll come to your bed
Stroke you and let my love show
Keep looking out for me
I’ll be there before you will know
Oh Maria, Marie
Please call me and let your love flow

The daylight will pass
The night is for you and I
Our love will last
Maria don’t be so shy
It might be forever
Please call me and let me come by

Oh Maria please tell me
You want me, want me tonight
Maria, Maria
Please tell me you want me tonight