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Release Date: March, 1982
Record Label: Mercury/Polygram
Catalog Number: 800038

Producers: Audie Ashworth, J.J. Cale

1. City Girls
2. Devil In Disguise
3. One Step Ahead Of The Blues
4. You Keep Me Hangin' On
5. Downtown L.A.
6. Can't Live Here
7. Grasshopper
8. Drifters Wife
9. Don't Wait
10. A Thing Going On
11. Nobody But You
12. Mississippi River
13. Does Your Mama Like To Reggae
14. Dr. Jive

Engineers: Audie Ashworth, Chad Hailey, Ron Reynolds, Rick Horton, Chip Young.

Musicians: J.J. Cale (guitar, bass, vocals), Christine Lakeland (guitar, organ, percussion, background vocals), Ray Edentown, Harold Bradley, John Christopher, Reggie Young, Steve Gibson (guitars), Terry McMillian (harmonica), Dennis Solee (horns), Tony Migliori (piano), David Briggs (electric piano), Bobby Emmons (organ), Mike Lawler (synthesizer), Farrell Morris (vibraphone, congas), Bobby Moore, Charles Dungey, Nick Rather, Tom Cogbill (bass), Karl Himmel, Gary Allen, Ken Buttrey, Buddy Harmon (drums), Bill Boatman (drums, tambourine), Robert Greenidge (steel drums), Christine (percussion), Jim Karstein (congas), Marilyn Davis (background vocals).